The Moon Shines On Behind The Clouds

How can you lose
the most fundamental hope,
that is your Buddha-nature?

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Suzuki Roshi had been quite ill. He had been falsely diagnosed with infectious hepatitis and had gone to the hospital for more test. I went to visit him just as his lunch was served.

He motioned me to come and sit next to him at the edge of the bed. As I crossed the room, he mouth the words, “I have cancer.” When I sat next to him, he leaned over and took a bit of food on his fork and put it in my mouth. “Now we can eat off the same plate again.” He said it, as if the new diagnosis were some big gift.

– To Shine One Corner Of The World

   Edited By David Chadwick

Commentary: Good Dharma practice is to never lose sight of one’s blessings, even if they seem few at the moment, even if it is challenging due to many obstacles present. It is also to never lose connection to one’s Buddha-nature, to be able to respond with calm and clear compassion and wisdom for oneself and others. [- Shen Shi’an]

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