The Universal Door of Guanyin Bodhisattva (3rd Run)


Feedback From Past Runs:

Dear Shi’an, am full of gratitude and 法喜 (Dharma joy) to attend another one of your well-researched Dharma courses. Truly appreciate the length and depth you have obviously gone through to present to your course attendees as complete a picture as possible on the background, context and significance of the Dharma with lively and interesting delivery. Really helped me to absorb and make sense of the often very ‘chim’ (profound), sometimes seemingly repetitive sutras. For this Universal Door Chapter, I was especially excited to learn about the extended gathas in Sanskrit which referred to Pure Land and Amituofo. I shared this ‘discovery’ immediately with my Mum who is very familiar with the sutra, having memorised and recited it many times, but she too, never knew about the extension. I hope to attend another run of this course in the future, for I am sure I had not taken in everything you had shared with us yet and there will be more discoveries to be made! Amituofo! Suzanne (静慧)

Teacher Shi’an, your session last night was helpful to me and Lee Lian in recomposing ourselves in the midst of busy work schedules. Both of us have been quite overwhelmed by work these few weeks. The session reminded us to realign ourselves and to recognise impermenance in life. Refreshing and recharging. Thanks much! – Teng Leng

Thanks for the organising and teaching this course. It has been interesting and meaningful, especially when Pumenpin is something which I had no knowledge of initially. I am glad that Shi’an had been patient, slowly guiding the class with his examples and lessons. Thank you once again! Amituofo, Albert

Dear Bro Shi’an, thanks for sharing the wondrous Dharma. Amituofo, Geok Choo

So far, I have been enjoying your classes and I look forward to learning more from you. – Sam

‘I’m so glad I joined your class, and wish I have time to sign up for all your classes.’ – Hwee

‘There is no better way to learn about Pu Men Pin, especially if you are more English oriented.’ – Amituofo, Rick

‘Hi Shi’an, appreciate your teaching, which has been enriching and refreshing… Thank you and I am really glad to have had the opportunity to attend your teaching.’ – Regards, Mee Nah

‘The lesson tonight has further reinforced my faith in the path again. Thanks again!’ – Lam

‘The lessons are good and it has been very interesting coupled with the short videos. Thank you for the sharing.’ – Min

‘Very interesting class! Hope you can have it in Mandarin.’ – Jo

‘Thanks to teacher Shi’an for conducting Dharma courses in a mixture of English and Mandarin, especially for those of us who are not proficient in Chinese. We benefited a lot from this class. Thanks again.’ – Leng

‘So far, I have enjoyed your lessons a lot and they have definitely benefited me in terms of my understanding of Buddhism.’ – Alex

‘Congratulations for a successful run of the “The Universal Door of Guanshiyin Pusa… Thank you very much.’ – Best regards, Peter

‘Dear Bro Shi’an, thank you for your excellent Dharma sharing.’ – Linda

About The Teacher:

Shen Shi’an 沈时安: An independent Buddhist teacher, author, researcher, translator, editor and poet, he was one of the founding members of the Dharma Propagation Division of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (Bright Hill Temple in Singapore) in 1997.

Holding a Masters of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies that covered all major Buddhist traditions, he served as a Dharma Trainer and Project Coordinator in its Community Development & Training Department until 2011, focusing on Buddhist research, writing, teaching and answering of media queries on Buddhism.

He was the founder of the temple’s Youth Mission (now ‘KMSPKS Youth’), a book purchaser for its Awareness Place project, and the Chief Editor of the Web & Library Department, that co-supported, a popular Buddhist education website.

He is the founder and editor of since 1997, one of the world’s largest independent Buddhist inspirational e-newsletters with over 31,000 members, the editor of ‘Be a Lamp Upon Yourself’, ‘The Stonepeace Book (Volume 1-2)’, ‘Awaken: Gateway to Buddhism (CD-ROM)’ and the writer of ‘The Daily Enlightenment: Reflections For Practising Buddhists (Book 1-7)’ and the bestselling graphic novel, ‘The Amazing & Amusing Adventures of Sam & Sara: The Zen of All Kinds of Stuff!’ (He is the author-editor-translator of 13 books.)

He also contributes occasionally to magazines such as ‘Nanyang Buddhist’, ‘Awaken’ (for which he was a Contributing Editor), ‘For You (Information)’ (for which he was invited to be an editorial board member), and ‘Eastern Horizon’. He served with the film selection team of a Buddhist film festival, writes movie reviews for, the world’s leading Buddhist news network, and popularised Dharma@Cinema, which is an innovative way of sharing the Dharma through detailed reviews and discussions of both popular and offbeat films.

Using retranslated sūtras and treatise texts, he has taught on the Pure Land teachings at Singapore Buddhist Federation, Kong Meng San, Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Centre and Poh Ming Tse. He also leads the Pureland Practice Fellowship.

He is also occasionally invited to conduct Dharma discussions for youths of tertiary institutions’ Buddhist societies (NTUBS, NUSBS, SIMBB, NPBS, NYPBS) on various subjects, and to introduce Buddhist life perspectives at Secondary Schools (St. Patrick’s School, Manjusri School), Junior Colleges (Catholic Junior College) and International Schools (UWCSEA, SJII).

He was also invited to share on Buddhism by Dharma Drum Mountain (Singapore), Fo Guang Shan (Singapore), Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore Buddhist Mission Youth, Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission, Wat Ananda Youth, Buddha of Medicine Welfare Society, The Buddhist Union, Buddhist Fellowship and Kampung Senang. He has also been invited to Indonesia and Malaysia to teach.

He was a committee member of the Inter-Religious Organisation, through which he served in interfaith harmony projects by writing and giving of public talks, having represented Buddhist points of view at national events held by NACLI, NHB, NHG, SAF, SPF, MHA, ACM, SPM, STB,, IRCC and MCYS.

He also co-runs, which is a community blog that promotes creative sharing of Buddhism via thousands of articles. He can be reached at tde for invitations to share the Dharma via articles and talks.

Interview In Buddhist Magazine:

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