Faith In Buddha’s Words


– 净宗二祖善导大师

[We] only can have deep faith in [Sakyamuni] Buddha’s words,for focus upon and practice; and not have faith in or use Bodhisattvas’ and others’ non-corresponding teachings, to consider them as obstacles of doubt, and embrace self-confusion, which is to abandon and lose rebirth [in Amituofo’s Pure Land’s] great benefits.

– Pure Land Tradition’s 2nd Patriarch Great Master Shandao
(Fourfold Commentaries On The Contemplation Sutra)

Notes: Master Shandao was reminding that if teachings by others, even those seen as Bodhisattvas, are misaligned with the Buddha’s teachings in the sutras, they should not be adhered to, as they are after all not with perfect wisdom like the Buddha yet. He was teaching this in the context of Pure Land teachings, as the profundity of Pure Land is difficult to comprehend by any non-Buddha (including beginner Bodhisattvas and other even less enlightened teachers), it being the domain of a fully realised Buddha. He was teaching this because in his time, there were some teachings by masters seen by some to be Bodhisattvas, who unfortunately did not fully understand and propagate the Pure Land teachings exactly as intended by the Buddha, which led some to miscomprehension. This teaching is not against worthy practices of Bodhisattvas; only non-corresponding teachings.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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