How To Explain Suicide To A Child?

Question: If a child saw the death of his grandfather who committed suicide (by hanging), besides going for counselling, what can the parents do?

Answer: This can be said to the child — ‘Grandfather had a lot of unhappiness. Unfortunately, he did not ask for help in time. (It is not your fault as you are too young to understand or help with his unhappiness.) He tried to end his suffering by ending his life, by stopping his breathing. Sadly, this does not end suffering, as it is not possible to be happy in the next life by leaving this life unhappily.

What we can do for grandfather is to Nianfo (be mindful of ‘Amituofo’; Amitabha Buddha’s name) sincerely, especially within these 49 days, as grandfather might not be reborn yet. This can create ‘goodness’ (or merits) for sharing with him, so that he can feel better, and to guide him to also Nianfo sincerely, as that he can connect with Amituofo for the happiest rebirth in his Pure Land, where there is no more suffering. We can also do more good deeds and share the goodness with him. Amituofo… ‘

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