Does Buddhism Explain ‘Creation’?

Question: Is Buddhism an ‘incomplete religion’ as it does not seem to teach about how things were created?

Answer: The Buddha did teach on how things evolve and devolve. Below are some links that touch on this…

Some additional points to add are that the Buddha taught about the universe undergoing cycles of expansion and contraction (which can be likened to the Big Bang and Big Crunch, as in the popular scientific oscillation theory of the universe), which denotes no first beginning. This means the entire universe and all its beings within undergo constant evolution and/or devolution, physically and spiritually.

Looking for an absolute first cause of everything or anything does not make sense as there would always be the question of what caused that cause, and what caused that other ’causer’… ad infinitum. The truth is, nature’s laws naturally operate in cycles already, with no need for supernatural intervention at any point. E.g. cycles of day and night, the four seasons, death and rebirth, Big Bang and Big Crunch…

There is no starting point on the cosmic cycles of things, but they can be broken free of – by seeking enlightenment (spiritual liberation). Either this is believed in, or a linear universe, where there is a starting point and an ending point. But this begs more questions – What started the starting and what ended the ending? What is before the starting? What is after the ending?… Currently, science in general agrees with the Buddha’s perspectives on the above. Here are the articles mentioned above…

Evolution of Humans:

Part 1 (Sutta Summary)

Part 2 (Sutta Analysis) 

The above explains how humans in our world came to be. As above, this is but a chapter in the evolution and devolution of beings. The Buddha was not interested in endlessly telling us of our ‘complete’ prehistory as it has no absolute starting point and it is not conducive for enlightenment. What matters is knowing the above, which is just enough, and knowing his teachings of how to gain liberation from the cycle of physical and spiritual evolution and devolution.

The Buddha’s teachings on d/evolution are especially remarkable as they arose long before the Darwinian theory, which has been scientifically verified. The Buddha was not interested in teaching biology in detail, but only to illustrate how we can spiritually evolve and devolve, which is why he did not explicitly focus on changes in anatomy, but more on in mentality.

Evolution of Universe:

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