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Question: I think Buddhism is a religion that can only be practised in a quiet environment, where there are not many of those distractions.

Answer: Buddhism is for practice in all environments, with or without distractions. The more distractions there are, the more need is there to practise it well.

Question: But many have toxic emotions and thoughts that can hurt you.

Answer: Buddhism is for practising to transform toxic emotions into positive ones, beginning from oneself. When one does not do this well enough, it simply means more practice is needed. And the good news is practice does make perfect. The Buddha is the best example, who tells us we can be like him, perfect in compassion and wisdom.

Question: But the more you are ‘pure’ spiritually, the more you become victimised by the toxic others.

Answer: This is not the case for those who are truly pure. For example, the Buddha survived slander and murder attempts because he was truly pure, undeserving of blame and harm, protected by his own pure karma, compassion and wisdom.

2 Responses to “Does Buddhism Work?”

  1. Derringer 17 February 2012

    Buddhism works for some, but not everybody. Religions, just like food, is a matter of preference, but it all serve the same purpose, to satisfy the hunger.

  2. regnirred 17 February 2012

    There are many skilful means of practice in Buddhism. As Buddhists, we believe it works for everyone simply because it is based on ultimate truth and perfect compassion.

    Religion should not be based on preference only, because if followed blindly, can lead to disaster. Think millions who died in crusades in the past. It must be chosen with as much compassion and wisdom as possible.

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