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Course: 108 Zen Stories Illustrated & Demystified


Feedback From Past Zen Course:
(The above standalone course can be attended as a sequel to ‘The “Magic” of Zen’:

I enjoyed this evening’s first lesson of The “Magic” of Zen at Tai Pei Buddhist Centre very much. Thank you for painstakingly preparing and presenting such a promising course that I’ll look forward to attending the next 8 weeks! – Jacqueline

I am very glad I attended the Zen class, and learnt a lot. If there is module 2, I would like to sign up. I always enjoy your classes very much. Jiayou! I hope have chance to join your Pure Land class soon. – Amituofo, MiaoYun

The “Raisin Experience” was wonderful! I really enjoyed the class. You have made it very interesting with stories and illustrations… Thank you for the effort. I have learnt more about Zen, and the harmony between Zen and Pure Land in this class. If there is a Part 2 to this course, I will be happy to enrol. 😉 Have a Zen day. – With metta, Val

I really enjoyed the course with the numerous stories =) Wish I could have attended more but I had to miss some lessons when I went overseas. I thought the Zen videos and music were cool examples of how we can find and be Zen in our everyday lives… Thanks for the course! – Amituofo, Xinyi

The example of the Apple computer designs and how they used Zen impressed me. Thank you very much for your teaching. See you. Very best regards, Lay Har

Thanks for coming up with the course on “Zen”. Before the course, I could not put a definition to it. Was it an art form? A way of life? I thoroughly enjoyed the easy pace and stories that embody Zen teachings, photography, music, art, diet etc. So Zen is about simplicity in life, things around us, about us, within us, things taken for granted and Pure Land teachings included! Why do we make life so complicated and complexed; live and enjoy the moment as and when it should be! Yes, life should be lived as such (even more so before retirement)! – Choi Pheng

This was certainly a delightful course which covered myriad interpretations of Zen. The koans are at times, elusive, most times, enlightening, prompting a lot more mental adjustment on everyday life, a refreshing alternative to the structured sutra learning. For such a popular word, I guess not many know its deeper meanings. This course has been well laid-out to explore that. Thank you for holding this course, I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Looking forward to follow-up courses, if any.- Amituofo, Shannon

Thank you, Teacher Shi’an, I enjoyed the “Magic of Zen” very much, especially the humourous parts. – Amitoufo, Brother Waichong

The course is filled with interesting and fun information about Zen Buddhism. You incorporated the essense of Zen into different aspects of our lives, which makes Zen a valuable tool to use in our daily lives, if only we have enough wisdom. This is what I find so touching and encouraging about your course… Thank you so much! 您用心良苦! – Warm regards, Jo-Anne

I have enjoyed the Magic of Zen Course very much.  A big thank you to you. I appreciate very much your great effort to provide us with all the interesting, touching and enlightening Zen stories; pictures of conventional Zen-like furniture, decorations etc, and the practice of Zen awareness in our daily living. Hope you will conduct more courses on Zen in the near future. Amituofo, Yuen Leng

Thanks for making such a tremendous effort to share your knowledge on Zen. I have understood Zen better and it shows that Zen can be practised at every moment… Thanks again. – Amituofo, Kee

I find this course pretty interesting, with various suitable stories to illustrate your points. I particularly like the raisin lesson and your sharing on the Apple and Muji brands as I was totally unaware of their origins,,, From now onwards, I will particularly pay more attention to the design of these products when I step inside these stores… Thanks for the much information which you had painstakingly sourced and taught us. – Amituofo, Janice

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