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Of all my past created evil karma,*
all by beginningless greed, anger and delusion,
from my body, speech and mind as arisen,
for all I now express repentance.**

– Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
(Avatamsaka Sutra)


– 普贤菩萨

* Intentional deeds
** Remorse and resolution to make amends

3 Responses to “Verse For Repentance (忏悔文)”

  1. lee soo lim 4 December 2011

    I now seek repentance and reformation by Precept,Meditation.And now I realised the suffer,cause of suffer,and realised the inward haven paradise instead the out side world

  2. Julie Thorpe 28 July 2017

    Please would it be possible for someone to give me the English phonetics for the chinese version of this lovely verse?
    Thank you very much.

  3. CompassionPlease 28 July 2017

    wǒ xī suǒ zào zhū è yè ,
    jiē yóu wú shǐ tān chēn chī 。
    cóng shēn yǔ yì zhī suǒ shēng ,
    yī qiē wǒ jīn jiē chàn huǐ 。

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