True Compassion & Wisdom

One cannot be truly wise without being truly kind.
True wisdom is expressed as kindness.

One cannot be truly kind without being truly wise.
True kindness is expressing of wisdom.



  • One cannot be truly free without letting go of self.
    True freedom is expressed as compassion.
    One cannot be truly compassionate without being truly free.
    True compassion is expressed as true freedom (non-self).

  • Just watched an episode about “Doctors 36 Hours on Standby “ about emergency ward Doctors making decision who should they save first between 2 victims from an accident.

    Victim X is the caused of the accident who was drunk driving and a son of a rich man that can bring wealth to the Doctor.
    Victim Y is anther 20year old a good student going to graduate soon with bright future.

    Doctor A, would like to review both X-ray reports of the 2 victims to review which has the high chance of surviving from an operation. The reports shows that Victim X has a high percentage of survival than Victim Y, hence Doctor A decision was to operate on Victim X. But Doctor B disagreed!

    Doctor B, jump right to the conclusion that the drunk driver should not be priority because he is the cause of the accident.

    Victim Y was operated first but in the end both died.

    Thought of the day: Should the Doctor based on medical reports to make their professional judgement or should they jump into the Lawyer suite to judge who should have the right to live????

    Both Doctors have the compassion to save life but which should be the correct wisdom ?

    If a doctor could jump to a decision base on who cause the accident, who is right or worng then why should we need police and lawyers???

    Victim X would have live on if he is operated first base on the report and the Doctor A judgement. Many people will think that the Doctor A should not do that but that is just not the Doctors role to judge who is in the wrong! His role is to save lives.

    Karma will come round to the Victim X eventually.
    We just have to stay in our role to make the right judgement. There are other people will do their part in the right way and we are guided by our Karmic action!!!

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