How To Be More Disciplined For Practice

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Question: I stopped doing meditation recently and now, my temper is getting worse and worse. I try to wake up early and try practise but keep failing to do so, giving the excuse that I’m too tired, that I will do it later tonight. I know this is due to laziness. Is there any way to improve?

Answer:You need to fix a time for daily practice, and be disciplined to follow it. E.g. immediately after bathing in the evening, when you are fresh and relaxed. Make it part of your routine until it is a strong habit.

If you start to make excuses, remind yourself, as you have experienced, of the disadvantages of not taming the mind, versus the advantages of doing so. You can also set an alarm reminder that rings daily. And each time it rings, never turn it off, till you really begin to meditate!

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