• Happiness is that which we bring with us from one moment to the next. While being the most sought after, it is seemingly the hardest to obtain, and once within our grasp, slips effortlessly through our fingers like the finest sands. Why? Because we seem to attach ourselves to the notion that we are entitled to it and deserve it, yet few are self challenging enough to allow themselves to be the carrier of the happiness. We seem to almost as quick as we gain something, wish for the lustre to not wear off. Therein lies the beginning of our momentary lapse into suffering/disatisfaction/Dhukka. Why I say it is momentary, is that once we are trained enough in our minds we can be instantly happy upon awakening and bring this lasting happiness with us into each moment as though it were the gift we wish to share with everyone. Once someone sees a smile it is hard not to smile in return. So it goes. . ._/|\_

  • The ultimate way to true happiness for oneself is to be the ultimate guide to true happiness for others [i.e. to be a Buddha]. – Stonepeace

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