Did The Buddha Teach Fengshui?

Question: Is fengshui (geomancy) related to Buddhism? Did the Buddha teach it?

Answer: The Buddha didn’t teach about it.

Question: Is palm-reading and fortune-telling true?

Answer: Palm-reading is a form of fortune-telling. It is hard to say what forms of fortune-telling and fortune-telling by who tells the truth. That said, even if there is an accurate fortune-teller, the fortune told is in terms of the past which has transpired, while the future is subject to change, dependent on what we do in the present. Here is a classic true story on how someone went against his told fortune to turn his life around, by practising the Dharma: http://www.buddhanet.net/liaofans.htm

Question: Will buying fengshui ornaments or living in a ‘correct’ house with ‘correct’ arrangements help us?

Answer: It actually depends on many factors. E.g. if placing something unsightly out of the way improves the environment, or if placing something motivational in an appropriate place brings good cheer, of course this makes sense. The same applies to living in a home where the environment is bright, airy and convenient. Is this called fengshui, or rather, common sense? It doesn’t make sense however, to blindly follow so-called ‘fengshui’ suggestions without asking, to spend a lot of money on strange advice and to buy items that one is indifferent to for placement to ‘improve’ one’s life.

Question: So should we believe in fengshui?

Answer: The answer is not a direct yes or no, as you can tell by now. Sometimes, there is great wisdom in fengshui practices, while there are times we should question the logic of so-called ‘fengshui’ advice. This article should explain it further: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2009/07/is-fengshui-part-of-dharma-practice (Is Fengshui Part of Dharma Practice?)

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