Sticking To Principles & Overcoming Bad Habits

Not doing any evil is good,
but it is not as good
as doing much good too.


~ Good-natured, even-tempered people are more accommodating and can get along with others wherever they go. However, being ‘accommodating’ does not suggest that we should comply with whatever others say. Rather, we should keep a clear head as to the nature of the situation and use our own judgement. When things contradict the Dharma (instead of going along with it), we should stick to our principles.

~ People may have bad habits, but they are not necessarily evil. Everyone is under the influence of varying degrees of habitual tendencies hence wrongdoing is inevitable. As long as the wrongdoer is willing to repent and rectify his/her misconduct, be as tolerant and forgiving as possible. There is no need to regard him/her as evil.

~ A little story: A had a habit of spitting all over the place and B tended to be suspicious. One day, A spat in front of B. B considered it an insult and started a brawl. C knew about the habits of these two and came to mediate. Both knew they had been wrong and were determined to change. In the end, A stopped spitting and B overcame his suspiciousness.

Analects of Master Kuang-Ch’in
Translated by Su-Ya Chang

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