Emptiness of Matter

Ignorance apprehends its object as if it exists purely objectively…
If phenomena in fact existed in this way…
then the more carefully one investigated them,
the more clearly those objects would appear to the mind.

However, the more closely one examines phenomena,
the more one sees that objects
are not to be found under such analysis
[due to their insubstantiality from constant change].

— Gen Lamrimpa


  • However, the problem is that no one will bother to examine the phenomena or analyse the objects. From the day that we are born, we learn that objects exist and there are even names given for all the objects. With the names “assigned” to objects, other people and ourselves, we believe and fully accepted the existence of objects, people and ourselves. We need to make a conscious effort to remind ourselves that the objects, people and self do not exist. Let’s work hard!

  • They do exist – just not in the way we assume. They exist as continuums of change.

  • Yes, thanks for highlighting that they exist as continuums of change. Guess maybe because I am a beginner in buddhism, and therefore I need to take the view that the physical objects don’t really exist so that it will be easier for me not to be entangled with them. I always tell myself that these “objects” are not real because none can exist on their own, i.e. they are made up of many components and need many conditions to continue to exist. And this view works for me. Hope that I can improve better in future.

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