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Question: As Buddhism practice seldom have cell groups, I am sometimes lost as to where to seek help when I encounter challenges in my daily life.

Answer: I happen to run what functions like a cell group (except it’s bigger.) It’s called Pureland Practice Fellowship. We meet every Friday to practise and discuss the Dharma. The discussions are informal, where all kinds of issues are raised. We have outings too. However, it’s for those who have some understanding of the Pureland teachings. Would you be interested?

Question: Although I am attending a Buddhism class now, it is not in our culture to ask questions openly and I’m sometimes left with more questions than before I attend the course.

Answer: Am not sure about the culture elsewhere, but the classes I run encourage asking of questions in person and via email. If you have Dharma questions, you can email me too. I will do what I can to answer them.

Question: I’m wondering whether is there a current avenue where we can do the following — Real time cyber-counselling, best manned by the  Sangha or more experienced Buddhist, so anyone can log-on to chat and be ‘enlightened’. Some schools now provide such a service for their students and it is very well received. An online Aunt Agony sort of column, where we can write in with our questions, and we can check the website later to see if anyone has contributed an answer.

Answer: There doesn’t seem to be such a service at the moment. (But I’m used to answering many questions by email.) I just started a Letters section at (here). You are welcome send me questions through https://thedailyenlightenment.com/contact-us!


  • Hee, glad I clicked this. wonder what the Friday discussions are like? wonder if I’m qualified to join? wonder what is “some understanding of Pureland teachings” i.e. based on my few limited comments, do I have it or lack it?

    seems like we have Uncle Agony here? :p

    Actually I do have something to say with regards to the Happy Buddhist Card, but I guess I’m fearful of what I say might reveal how little/misunderstood I know/am about Buddhism… not able to withstand any lashings… :oups:
    but to keep mute would probably result in me staying ignorant… was thinking of emailing u some related comments-questions.

    anyway, I guessed I just had tea too late in the evening, with something troubling my mind, hence just browsing thru this website, searching for some peace of mind. Hope you won’t mind (thanks for not minding :p)

    Best wishes, and keep up the good work!
    (Y) (Y) (Y)

  • Hi Jetty,

    Do feel free to email me on your thoughts about the card. I’ve not read your thoughts on the Pureland teachings before. Perhaps you can share in a single line to summarise what you think of them? By email too, is perhaps better.



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