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Will Haiku

Nov. 16 | Your willingness to  say and do what you will will make you culpable.

Spiritual Maturity

Oct. 2 | The immature blame others for ‘making’ them feel bad. The mature take responsibility for how they make themselves feel. – Stonepeace | Get Books

Are You Born With A Short Temper?

Dec. 19 | Patience is needed, even for impatience. – Stonepeace A man went to call on a priest [Buddhist monk] for advice. “I was born with a short temper,” he confessed. “They say getting angry only makes matters worse and they’re...

The Banana Skin Syndrome

Jan. 24 | When it is everyone’s shared responsibility, is it no one’s personal responsibility? – Stonepeace (Paradox of Responsibility: Part 1) The day before yesterday, s/he yelled: What is that banana skin doing on the floor? Who threw it...

The Laws of the Garbage & Flower Trucks

Sep. 30 | An angry person is just an unhappy person. Why be another angry person because of this person? – Stonepeace Circulating online is a simple but illuminating story by David J. Pollay. Here is a paraphrased version… He was in a taxi when the...
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