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To Pull Or Not To Pull… That Is The Question

Nov. 12 | If you are not able to choose,it is not your choice to make,not your responsibility to bear.— Shilashanti In ethical philosophy, perhaps the most famous dilemma is that of ‘Trolleyology’ – the ‘Trolley Problem’....

Are You Affected by the Bystander Effect?

Jan. 16 | The fully awakenedstand up fully,at the forefront. — Shilashanti The air-conditioning is way too cold in the waiting room.But all the strangers in it endure it for no good reason.No one complains to anyone.No one does anything about it.Not even...

Will Haiku

Nov. 16 | Your willingness to  say and do what you will will make you culpable.

Spiritual Maturity

Oct. 2 | The immature blame others for ‘making’ them feel bad. The mature take responsibility for how they make themselves feel. – Stonepeace | Get Books

Are You Born With A Short Temper?

Dec. 19 | Patience is needed, even for impatience. – Stonepeace A man went to call on a priest [Buddhist monk] for advice. “I was born with a short temper,” he confessed. “They say getting angry only makes matters worse and they’re...

The Banana Skin Syndrome

Jan. 24 | When it is everyone’s shared responsibility, is it no one’s personal responsibility? – Stonepeace (Paradox of Responsibility: Part 1) The day before yesterday, s/he yelled: What is that banana skin doing on the floor? Who threw it...

The Laws of the Garbage & Flower Trucks

Sep. 30 | An angry person is just an unhappy person. Why be another angry person because of this person? – Stonepeace Circulating online is a simple but illuminating story by David J. Pollay. Here is a paraphrased version… He was in a taxi when the...
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