The Great Bliss Prayer for Birth in Pure Land

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What greater bliss can there be,
than to dwell in the land of bliss,
that leads us to the ultimate bliss of liberation,
that leads us to help others realise the same.

— Stonepeace

Wherever one is born within cyclic existence [Samsara, of cycles of birth and death], whether it is a high or low birth, one must have weariness in thinking that one never departs [permanently] from suffering. One should therefore pray strongly for transference to the Pure land of Great [Ultimate] Bliss [where one can train to be the best Bodhisattva bound for Buddhahood]. It says in The Great Bliss Prayer to be Reborn in the Pure land of Amitabha:

‘The suffering of the lower realms is unbearable. The happiness and bliss of gods and humans always become impermanent. May my mind have fear of this. From beginningless time till now, I have wandered in the Samsara for so long. May I have weariness for this [so as to renounce it for Pure land]. Even if I am born from one human birth to another human birth again and again, still the four great rivers of suffering of birth, aging, sickness and death are experienced in an uncountable way. In the negative time of degeneracy [Dharma-diminishing Age], there are so many obstacles. This happiness and bliss of gods and humans is like food that is mixed with poison, so may I not have desire for even one single hair of this.

‘All relatives, food, wealth and suitable companions are impermanent, like magic and dreams. May I never have attachment for even one single hair of this [even as I treasure loved ones]. The land, water, country, mountains, houses and everything are like the land, water, country, mountains and houses existing in dreams. May I recognize that they have no [absolute] reality. From the inescapable trap of this ocean of existence, like a criminal escaping from prison, may I escape to the Pure land of Great Bliss without ever looking back.’ ‘Thus, just like that, by remembering the meaning, pray to accomplish transference.

A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar
by Thinley Norbu

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