Amitābha Sūtra

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ISBN: 978-981-07-3743-6
SIZE: 210 x 148 mm
PAGES: 92pp
LANGUAGE: Chinese & English

The Sutra With Praises
Of Inconceivable Meritorious Virtues
And All Buddhas' Mindful Protection

Throughout history, there have been countless wonderful Pure Land chanting texts. However, mindful of possible improvements to popular existing ones, this version was created with the inclusion of these advantages:

  1. Appealing cover for attracting new readers
  2. Light, waterproof and protective cover for repeated use
  3. Spiral-bound for hands-free keeping of book open
  4. Thicker eco-friendly paper with soothing colour for eyes
  5. Left to right layout for modern readers
  6. Simplified Chinese for more readers
  7. Juxtaposition of Hanyu Pinyin for ease of pronunciation
  8. Juxtaposition of English version for ease of learning
  9. New English translation for greater accuracy
  10. Large fonts for the long-sighted and long-term use
  11. 175 Footnotes on technical terms for quick reference
  12. 29 Headers of sūtra sections for easy search
  13. Synopsis of sūtra for brief outline
  14. Related verses for extended chanting
  15. Reference book for related courses (at end of book)
  16. Colour picture of Amituofo
  17. Receive a free copy of the Pure Land Pass Card.

Back by popular demand with further refinement, TDE presents the third 3rd edition of ‘Amitabha Sutra: The Sutra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Amita Buddha’. A major revised translation of one of the world’s most famous and important sutras with 12 related verses, it is now available with greater accuracy and fluency. Contents include:


  1. 炉香赞 Incense Praise
  2. 莲池赞 Lotus Pond Praise
  3. 开经偈 Sutra-Opening Verse
  4. 佛说阿弥陀经 Amitabha Sutra (The Sutra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Amita Buddha)
  5. 拔一切业障根本得生净土陀罗尼 (往生咒) Dharani For Uprooting All Karmic Obstacles And Attaining Birth in Pure Land (Rebirth Mantra)
  6. 大弥陀赞 Great Praise Of Amitabha Buddha
  7. 赞佛偈 Verse For Praise Of Buddha
  8. 回向偈 Verse For Sharing Of Merits (1)
  9. 普贤菩萨警众偈 Samantabhadra Bodhisattva’s Verse Of Admonition Of The Assembly
  10. 慈云忏主净土文 Repentance Master Ci Yun’s Pure Land Verse
  11. 忏悔文 Verse For Repentance
  12. 三皈依 Threefold Refuge
  13. 回向文 Verse For Sharing Of Merits (2)

– 释迦牟尼佛 (阿弥陀经)

If there are beings who hear this,
they should vow to be born in that land.
– Sakyamuni Buddha (Amitabha Sutra)

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About the paper : Covers printed on Trucard 2 Gloss Recycled with 50% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), 100% Elemental Chorine Free (ECF) pulp from responsible sources and approved de-inked post consumer fibre. The pages are printed on Naturalis Smooth Vanilla with 100% ECF pulp sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests.

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