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Right Haiku

Mar. 6 | Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter…  – Marcus Aurelius (Meditations) Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored. Dying… or busy with other assignments.

Are You An Anger-Feeding Demon (Or Feeding One)?

Feb. 4 | Always do what is right, but never with anger, as anger is never right. – Stonepeace | Books As recounted by Sakyamuni Buddha (in the Samyutta Nikaya), there was once a sickly-looking demon, who sat on the throne of Sakra, the chief of gods in the...


Sep. 25 | Before being insistent that others be virtuous to you, be determined to nurture those virtues for others. – Stonepeace | Get Books

True Fragrance

Feb. 28 | What pleases the Buddha is not the vigorous waving of many joss-sticks but how widely you spread the fragrance of virtue to benefit others. ~ Stonepeace

Drop By Drop

Sep. 17 | Do not make light of your failings, Saying, ‘What are they to me?’ A jug fills drop by drop. So the fool becomes full of folly. Do not belittle your virtues, Saying, ‘They are nothing.’ A jug fills drop by drop. So the wise man...

What Basic Integrity & Gratitude Should We Have?

Jan. 27 | How kind can one be to others if one is unkind to another kind to one? – Stonepeace In the Katannu Sutta, the Buddha taught that those with integrity would express gratitude towards those who have helped them. It so happens that the ones we should...
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