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Do We Chant Just To Show Respect?

Sep. 24 | Question: Is chanting to express respect to Buddha? How does it help us and others? Answer: Chanting should always be practised respectfully, so as to be attentive, to receive the teachings chanted well. But chanting is not done just to express respect...

How Bodhisattvas Should Always Practise Repentance 菩萨应当如何常修忏悔

May. 8 | 忏悔文 (1) 我昔所造诸恶业, 皆由无始贪嗔痴, 从身语意之所生, 一切我今皆忏悔。 – 普贤菩萨 《华严经: 普贤行愿品》 Verse For Repentance (1) Of all my past created evil karma, all by beginningless greed,...
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