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The Swiftest Path To Buddhahood

Feb. 12 | 若人疾欲至, 不退转地者, 应以恭敬心, 执持称名号。 – 龙树菩萨 《十住毗婆沙论》(易行品) If one swiftly desires [to] reach, [the] ground [of] non-retrogression [for progress to Buddhahood, one] should with reverent...

How One Who Slighted None Attained Buddhahood

May. 24 | 此诸众生 云何具有 如來智慧, 愚痴迷惑, 不知不见? – 释迦牟尼佛 (华严经) [Of] all these sentient beings, why [are they] complete with [the] Tathāgatas’ wisdom, [yet] ignorant [and] confused, not knowing...
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