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The First Things In ‘Cities Of Last Things’

Jul. 22 | The film (幸福城市) begins in the midst of a casual yet cautionary song – ‘爱千万不要给得太多… 你今天将它挽留,明天它悄悄溜走。你将一切给我,我却不知如何接受。啊… 请你请你不要再来找我。世界上的男孩不只我一个。啊…...

Nobler Brotherhood For ‘A Better Tomorrow 2018’

Sep. 20 | ‘A Better Tomorrow 2018’ (英雄本色 2018) almost seems like exploration on what brotherhood (or sisterhood) means, in both the actual brotherly sense, and the non-sibling, sometimes gangster brotherly sense. Surely, it means loyalty, to...
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