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‘The Song Of Patience By Hánshān & Shídé’ As Sung By The Bodhisattvas Mañjuśrī, Samantabhadra & Maitreya 文殊、普贤与弥勒菩萨所唱的《寒山拾得忍耐歌》

May. 16 | The following is a beloved classic teaching on patience (忍辱), called ‘Hánshān Asks Shídé’《寒山问拾得》or ‘Hánshān’s [And] Shídé’s Patience Song’《寒山拾得忍耐歌》, with notes on its meaning. 稽首文殊,寒山之士。南无普贤,拾得定是。 [I]...

Is ‘The Punisher’ Is Also The Punished?

Mar. 14 | In a scene where ‘The Punisher’ (Season 1) was spray-painting his signature white skull symbol on his black body armour meant to intimidate his enemies, Lieberman tells him… ‘That skull? That’s a “Memento Mori”....
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