The Hell Realm There Vs The Hell In This World Here

What Is The Realm of Hell?

Hell is a horrible “dimension” of great pain and torment, where its beings are subjected to the most excruciating tortures inflicted by demons and beasts. The fiery heat of the hot hells corresponds to the passionate intensity of hatred and fear, while the freezing temperatures of the cold hells correspond to the cruelty of cold-hearted immoral apathy.

Hell collectively consists of sub-planes, each of which “specialises” in particular forms of karmic expression appropriate to the type of one’s unwholesome actions. Beings in hell either burn with rage or are tortured by fear and anxiety. They do not realise that their torturers are manifestations of their own guilty minds. The duration of life in hell also feels unbearably long for most.

Hell In Our World

A World War can be the equivalent of hell on Earth, where violence, hatred and fear seems “everywhere”. Being forced to face strong personal phobias such as flying in a plane or entering an unknown place can also be hellish experiences.

Am I A Hell-Being?

“Human hell-beings” might live life habitually seeing the world as full of dangerous strangers out to take their advantage. Everyone seems to be constantly threatening. Their prime motivation is to eliminate or evade their menaces, as they are in a state of open enmity with all they encounter. They suffer agonies of insecurity and feel the pain and humiliation of imagined wrongs.

Because of how they behave towards others, they bring into being the enemies they imagine. Hell-beings are dominated by the mental state of guilt, hatred, fear and even violence. They live in hell in this world as they make every situation a place of torment for themselves. If one is to die tuned to this mindstate, one is likely to be reborn in hell.

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