Is Tantric S_x True Buddhist Practice?

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Question: Is so-called tantic s_x a genuine Buddhist practice?

Answer: Since actual s_x involves ejac_lation, there is no tantric s_x practice in Buddhism at all. In an extremely esoteric and difficult form of Tibetan Buddhism, there is a practice that involves energy (and not spe_m), that is mistaken as s_x. It is not driven by lust for intercour_e. Once there is ejac_lation, it is wrong.

Question: Are so-called ‘masters’ who practise it frauds then?

Answer: If they do it with lust for intercour_e, they are frauds. Even H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama who knows many Buddhist masters remarked that he does not know anyone capable of practising the actual practice these days. If so, what are the chances that someone else unknown is ‘masterful’ as claimed?

Question: What about so-called ‘masters’ who ‘practise’ secretly?

Answer: Due to the above, they are likely frauds. They might discreetly approach good-looking devotees, pretending they were specially chosen for ‘honourable’ tantric s_x practice, that must be kept secret as it is very ‘advanced.’ What happens is just mundane s_x that breaks the precepts against lying and s_xual misconduct.

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