Do We ‘Upload’ To Pure Land And ‘Download’ From There?

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Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Question: Is Pure Land (净土) like a ‘cloud’, with rebirth in it likened to our consciousness being ‘uploaded’ there, for manifesting forms as wished?

Answer: Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛) Pure Land is not a formless cloud storage system. It is an actual tangible world system with pure and refined forms, which are the utmost skilful teaching aids for those born there, who are also with refined forms similar to the Buddha by default.

It is with an inspiring personal pure form interacting with other awe-inspiring pure forms in the environment there (which includes the Buddha and other Bodhisattvas), that spiritual purity is quickly realised. After training there, any form or multiple forms can be manifested elsewhere as skilful means to aid others.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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