How Are The Forms In Pure Land Like?

great buddha of kamakura
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Question: In this world, things have forms (色). In Āmítuófó’s (阿弥陀佛) Pure Land (净土), are the forms, as described in the sūtras with similar forms?

Answer: They are not with the same quality of forms at all.

Being worldly (世间) in nature, the forms in this defiled land (秽土) are crude and defiled, as they tend to spur the rise of the three poisons (三毒), of attachment, aversion and delusion (贪嗔痴).

Being world-transcending (出世间) in nature, the forms in the Pure Land are most refined and pure, as they spur the rise of the ’three antidotes‘ (三药), of generosity, compassion and wisdom.

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