The Great Earth Of All Buddhas’ Dharma Teachings 一切佛法之大地

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Dragon King, you should know that these Ten Good Karmas, are even able to lead to the Ten Powers, Four Fearlessness, Eighteen Uncommon Dharmas, with all Buddhas’ Dharma teachings, all attaining perfection. Therefore, you and others should diligently cultivate and learn them.


Dragon King, for example, all cities and villages, all rely on the great earth, to then attain peaceful abiding. All medicinal herbs, grasses, trees and forests, likewise rely on the earth, to then attain growth. These Ten Goodnesses’ path is likewise thus, for all human and heavenly beings to rely on it, to then be established. All Voice-Hearers, Lone Awakeners’ Bodhi, all Bodhisattva practices, and all Buddhas’ Dharma teachings, all together rely on these Ten Goodnesses’ great earth, to then attain accomplishment.


The Buddha, having spoken this sūtra already, Sāgara Dragon King and all in the great assembly, all the world’s heavenly beings, human beings, asuras and others, all had great joy, as they faithfully accepted to practise it.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path

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