Poem On No Fear 不畏诗

woman in gray tank top covering her face with her hand
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com



— 王梵志

As ‘self’ does not fear a bad name,
a bad name is not needed to be feared.
With the great four elements also without hosts,
to believe ‘you’ is to be painfully slandered.

As ‘you’ personally are of this ‘self’,
for this ‘self’, why have those wasted efforts?
With not speaking replying to ‘you’,
until facing ‘you’ without temperament.

— [Brahmacārin] Wáng Fànzhì

Note: The delusion of ‘self’ (我) arises from attachment to name (名) (or mental aggregates of feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness [受想行识]) and form (色) (or the physical aggregate of the body, which is of the four great elements [四大] of earth, water, fire and wind [地水火风]). As all the above are changing from moment to moment, there is no fixed or substantial entity to be called ‘self’.

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