Dedication Verses For Printing, Upholding And Distributing Sūtra Books 印持流通经书回向偈

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Dedication Verses Universally For Those Who Sponsor And Those Who Recite, Accept, Uphold, Pass And Distribute This (Sūtra Book)


[1] May we, with these meritorious virtues, eliminate past and present evil karma, increase and grow all blessings and wisdom, to completely accomplish supreme good roots. [2] May all disasters of weapons and wars, and with hunger, famine and others, all completely be eliminated, with people each practising consideration for one another. [3] May all those who sponsored, those who pass and distribute this, and their present family members all have peace and bliss, with their earlier deceased ones obtaining transcendental ascent. [4] May the winds and rains constantly be harmonious and favourable, people all have health and peace, and the Dharma Realm’s all who have consciousnesses, together realise the unsurpassable path.

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