How To Know If What Learnt Is Questionable?

Question: How can I know if what learnt is questionable?

Answer: The answer is in the question — to know if what learnt is questionable, question it. A quick way to know if one is caught in a cult-like situation is to question what ‘cannot’ be questioned. If there is always the unquestionable, such as the ‘mysterious and forbidden’, that demands only blind faith and following of instructions, there is no question that what in question is a cult.

The Buddha was renowned for teaching with emphasis on active enquiry, to question intelligently, while teaching how to analyse in detail. This reflected complete confidence in his teachings, while wishing all to learn confidently too. Thus, to summarise, that deemed unquestionable is very questionable, while those who welcome questions become less questionable.

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  • Re: A sore point for me has always been the Dalai Lama, who continues to eat meat as he writes yet another book on compassion. His followers insist he may not be criticized or even questioned. If we consult ” 10 Signs Of A Cult” the #1 is ‘ The leader must not be doubted.’ This smells strongly.

    Reply: Not seen anywhere that he is not to be questioned, as he already talked about it openly. It is usually claimed to be for medical reasons, which he should look into in detail for validity in this day and age of advanced WholeFood Plant-Based Diet (WFPBD) nutrition science, which should suffice for the healthiest diet.

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