What Are The Benefits Of Committing To The Bodhisattva Precepts?

Question: What are the advantages of observing the Bodhisattva Precepts?

Answer: According to the ‘Bráhma Net Sūtra’s Bodhisattva Precepts’ Text’《梵网经菩萨戒本》as taught by Śākyamuni Buddha (释迦牟尼佛), of the many, there are at least five great benefits of receiving and upholding its Bodhisattva Precepts, as below –

Of understanding persons with patience and wisdom strong, who are able to uphold such Dharma, those yet to accomplish the Buddha path, when in between, will peacefully obtain five kinds of benefits. (明人忍慧强,能持如是法,未成佛道间,安获五种利。)

[1] First, the ten directions’ Buddhas, will sympathetically be mindful of them, constantly guarding and protecting them. (一者十方佛,悯念常守护。) [2] Second, when at life’s end, they will be with Right Views and have minds with joy. (二者命终时,正见心欢喜。) [3] Third, at places born life after life, they will be with many Bodhisattvas as friends. (三者生生处,为诸菩萨友。) [4] Fourth, they will have meritorious virtues gathered, precepts and perfections all accomplished. (四者功德聚,戒度悉成就。) [5] Fifth, in their present and future lives, they will have their nature’s precepts’ blessings and wisdom completed. These are what all Buddhas’ disciples, and those wise should well consider.‘ (五者今后世,性戒福慧满。此是诸佛子,智者善思量。)

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