The Most Wonderful Secret For Success 最妙秘诀



— 净土宗十三祖印光大师

When handling everything, with sincerity as foundation regarding them, and from thought to thought, always reflecting upon your own minds, thus will the accomplishments of all of you students, all cannot be measured.

— Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Fǎyún Monastery’s Buddhist Cíyòu Institution’s Book On Terms’ End Admonishment And Advice For All Students)


Our mind-nature is
with the Buddhas’ the same as companions.
Only because of confusion going against it,
with rebirth not resting.


The Thus Come One with loving-kindness and empathy,
according to spiritual capacities spoke the Dharma.
Universally enabling all containing consciousnesses,
to approach paths to return home.


Dharma Doors although are many,
their essentials are only two.
Speaking of Chán with Pure Land,
for liberation are the most easy.


The Chán door is only with Self-power,
while the Pure Land door is simultaneously with the Buddha’s power.
With these two Dharma Doors compared with each other,
the Pure Land door is that most according with our spiritual capacity.


Like people crossing the ocean,
they must rely on a boat.
Being able to quickly attain arrival at the shore,
then with the body and mind calm.


This Dharma-Ending Age’s sentient beings,
are only with this adequately capable for practice.
Otherwise, if contrary with their spiritual capacity,
there will be toiling, yet with difficulty for accomplishment.


Give rise to the great Bodhi Mind (Bodhicitta),
and give rise to true Faith and Aspiration.
For all of this life firmly upholding,
only with the Buddha’s name is there mindfulness.


With mindfulness utmost and passions forgotten,
then is mindfulness without mindfulness.
The Chán teaching’s wonderful meaning,
will thoroughly be revealed to appear.


Awaiting until approaching the end of life,
to receive the Buddha’s reception and guidance.
Directly ascending to a high grade,
to realise Non-Birth’s Forbearance.


There is one secret for success to reach Pure Land,
to earnestly inform one another.
It is to have wholehearted sincerity and utmost reverence,
which is most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Letter For Wú Bìhuá)

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