Does Mindfulness Of Buddha Always Work For Protection?

Question: Why is it that some say mindfulness of Buddha works for protection when having supernatural disturbances, while some it does not work?

Answer: The answer is simple, as presented in the verses below.

Verses On Pure Affinity


When encountering a ghost, scolding with coarse words,
this with the angry mind creates evil karma.
With the ghost forming evil affinity,
the ghost’s mind likewise can become angry.


This is not as good as being mindful of Āmítuófó,
to protect oneself and form pure affinity.
With Faith sincerely mindful of the Buddha,
definitely attains the Buddha’s blessings for protection.


If with mindfulness but without connection for response,
this is with oneself’s Faith yet to be sincere.
One must not irresponsibly slander the Buddha,
by nonsensically saying he is not efficacious.


If desiring to give rise to even more Faith,
there must be sincere learning and mindfulness.
When having doubts quickly requesting teachings,
sincere Faith definitely will be able to arise.

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