Why Were The Buddha’s Eyes ‘Blinking’?

Question: A friend said he saw the Buddha’s eyes in a framed picture opening and closing when he was chanting with a group in a wake. Why is this so?

Answer: Due to a technical issue, there is the common ‘phenomenon’ of digital cameras when videoing images creating the illusion of their eyes blinking. Without further investigation, it is hard to tell if what seen was an optical (and psychological) illusion or not.

However, in the case that it was not, why not take it to mean that the Buddha was reminding him to be more physically wakeful, to be more spiritually mindful of what he was chanting then, to be awakened like him?

After all, the Buddha would not wish to distract anyone from doing what is most appropriate in the moment. This would be a reasonable take? If what being chanted is unfamiliar, all the more should he learn the Dharma diligently and practise it sincerely.

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