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Openness Haiku

Jan. 29 | Open your heart, and focus your mind to learn and ask.

From Desire’s Fire Far Depart 欲火远离

Jan. 28 | 夫为道者,如被干草,火来须避。道人见欲,必当远之。 — 释迦牟尼佛《四十二章经》: 第三十章 Those as practitioners of the path, are like those who wear dry grass [i.e hay]. When fire comes, it must be...

To Transcend, And To Transcend Transcending

Jan. 27 | I woke up to see the sun shining all around me…Why would it shine down on me?…Just had to ask myself,‘What’s it really for?’— What’s It For?(Yoko Kanno) The worldly yet noble tend to speak of saving the world. This...

Go For That Easy To Get, Use And Keep

Jan. 26 | Wealth is able to buy the pleasures of eating,drinking and other sensual pursuits –yet can never afforda cheerful spirit or freedom from sorrow.— Musonius Rufus [From ‘On Furnishings’]: In general, one would rightly judge what...

What If I Forgot A Death Anniversary?

Jan. 25 | Question: I recently forgot about my late parents’ death anniversaries. However, I have been daily practising repentance (on the behalf of all, including them) and mindfulness of Buddha, with dedication of merits to all. Is this alright? Answer:...

Birthday Haiku

Jan. 2 | It is a happy birthday only if you were born happy, to bring happiness to others.

With The Mind Still Are Desires Eradicated 心寂欲除

Jan. 1 | 有人患淫不止,欲自除阴。佛谓之曰:『若断其阴,不如断心。心如功曹,功曹若止,从者都息。邪心不止,断阴何益?』佛为说偈:『 欲生于汝意,意以思想生。二心各寂静,非色亦非行。』佛言:『此偈是迦叶佛说。』—...
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