It Is Easier To Be Born In Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land

I prostrate to Amitabha, leader of humans and gods.
Through compassion you always see each migrator as your own child.
Remembering you just once leaves fear of the Lord of Death far behind.
May you eminent activities for migrators be glorious and without end.

— Lama Tsongkhapa
(Benefits Of The Blissful Realm)

Another approach [for helping the dying] is to talk about the Pure lands of the Buddhas, such as Amitabha [Buddha’s] Pure Land. You can read the ‘Benefits Of The Blissful Realm’ by Lama Tsongkhapa to them [from page 174-188 of this book… F]or ordinary people, those who have delusions and for whom it is difficult to take rebirth in most Pure Lands, it is easy to be born in Amitabha [Buddha’s] Pure Land, [through which all other Pure Lands can be reached].

Saying the name of [Amitabha Buddha and] the Pure Land is important. It’s like a rope that the person can hold on to while they’re climbing a mountain that pulls them up when they’re in danger of falling: it saves them. It’s a method to help their consciousness let go of this world: their body, their family, their possessions; to not be attached.

Tell your loved one how beautiful it is there – as described in Lama Tsongkhapa’s words. You can tell them how whatever they’re attached to is better there, that there are better [and pure] enjoyments there… Tell them that there are many wonderful friends in Amitabha [Buddha’s] Pure Land or someone in particular who loves them. Wishing to be born there causes them to be reborn there; it redirects their consciousness to it. Amitabha Buddha becomes their main refuge.

You could read Lama Tsongkhapa’s [Aspiration] Prayer to be reborn in Amitabha [Buddha’s] Pure Land… Hearing about it makes it easier for the person’s consciousness to leave, for them to die easily, without mental suffering. Knowing that there’s some place that’s better makes it very easy for them to let go of attachment for this world.

How To Face Death Without Fear:
A Handbook By Lama Zopa Rinpoche
(Compiled and Edited by Robina Courtin)

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