Supreme Offering 最上供养 




— 诸佛

This which is true diligence [in Dharma learning, practice and sharing], is named with the true Dharma offering to the Thus Come Ones.

If with flowers, incense, necklaces, burnt incense, powdered incense, annointing incense, heavenly satins’ banners, canopies and an ocean of this shore’s incense of sandalwood, such and other many kinds of all objects’ offering, they are that not as good. Even if with countries, cities, wives, [husbands and] children given, they are likewise that not as good…

This is named the foremost of giving, of all giving within, the most honoured and most supreme — with the Dharma [learnt, practised and shared], offering to all Buddha Thus Come Ones thus.   

— All Buddhas
(Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sūtra’s Chapter 23
On Medicine King [i.e. Bhaiṣajyarāja] Bodhisattva’s Original Matters)

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