Should Vegans Give Away Non-Vegan Food?

Question: As vegans, when having accidentally received non-vegan food (or drinks), what best should be done? Some would give them to non-vegan friends, as they themselves ‘cannot’ consume them, while these friends ‘can’. Is this appropriate thinking and action?

Answer: There should never be the question of whether vegans ‘can or cannot’ consume what is non-vegan, but whether anyone ‘should or should not’.

Since well-informed vegans see the universal worth of being vegan, as a practice of universal compassion and wisdom, in contrast with the harm being otherwise, why should they even subtly encourage anyone else to continue being otherwise, including by re-gifting the non-vegan to them?

Thus, to truly live up to, and to promote veganism, vegans should not give away what is non-vegan. As for how should such food (and drinks) already possessed be handled, the best solution is the same as that in the Related Article, with the same considerations.

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