Samantabhadra & Manjusri Bodhisattvas’ Greatest Dedication Of Merits

Those who make this heartfelt aspiration for the Bodhisattva way
Will be free of all lower rebirths,
Free of harmful companions,
And will quickly see Amitabha, Infinite Light.

– Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
(The King Of Prayers)

In order to train just like
The hero Manjushri who knows reality as it is
And just like Samantabhadra as well,
I completely dedicate all this goodness, just as they did.

With that dedication which is praised as greatest
By all the Buddhas gone to freedom in the three times,
I, too, dedicate all my roots of goodness
For the attainments of the Bodhisattva practice.

When the moment of my death arrives,
By eliminating all obscurations
And directly perceiving Amitabha,
May I go immediately to Sukhavati, Pure Land of Great Joy.

Having gone to Sukhavati ,
May I actualize the meaning of these aspirations,
Fulfilling them all without exception,
For the benefit of beings for as long as this world endures.

Born from an extremely beautiful, superlative lotus
In this joyful land, the Buddha’s magnificent mandala,
May I receive a prediction of my awakening
Directly from the Buddha Amitabha.

Having received a prediction there,
May I create vast benefit
For beings throughout the ten directions,
With a billion emanations by the power of wisdom.

Through even the small virtue I have accumulated
By offering this prayer of the Bodhisattva practice,
May all the positive aspirations of beings
Be fulfilled in an instant.

Through creating limitless positive potential
By dedicating this prayer of Samantabhadra’s deeds,
May all beings drowning in this torrent of suffering,
Enter the presence of Amitabha.

Through this king of aspirations, which is the greatest of the sublime,
Helping infinite wanderers in Samsara,
Through the accomplishment of this scripture dazzling with Samantabhadra’s practice,
May suffering realms be utterly emptied of all beings.

King of Prayers: The Extraordinary Aspiration of the Practice of Samantabhadra [Bodhisattva]
Translated by Jinamitra, Surendrabodhi, and Yeshe-de, circa 900 C.E.
Tibetan compared with Sanskrit and revised by Lotsawa Vairochana
Translated by Jesse Fenton to English

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  • These are the role~models kids should be taught about at school.

    Great praise to all the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas, whose inexhaustible compassion for all beings will deliver us.

    May we all vow to join this great cause, Namo Amida Buddha!

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