What Language To Chant In To Help The Deceased?

Question: If there is sutra-chanting for a deceased Chinese person, with dedication of merits, both using a non-Chinese language, will the deceased be able to benefit?

Answer: The power from sutra-chanting and dedication comes from the power of the Dharma (法力), merits (功德力) and mind (心力), thus not relying any one language only. Anyway, in the Buddha’s time, the Chinese language was not used for practising the above. As long as translation and understanding of that chanted is accurate, they will work accordingly. 

If the deceased yet to be reborn is around in the bardo state, he or she will have the power to read the chanters’ minds to directly derive right understanding too, to be guided accordingly. In reverse, if yet to be deceased, there should be guidance in a language or dialect the dying person understands, simplified in everyday words if needed.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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