What Is The Simplest Way To Offer Food?

Question: As there are many long traditional chants for offering food, is there a simple version, that is easy to remember and recite, that can be used by children too?

Answer: Here is a common version –

供养佛, 供养法,供养僧, 

On the behalf of all beings,
I offer this to the Buddhas,
I offer this to the Dharma,
[by learning, practising, realising and sharing it].

I offer this to the Sangha.
I offer this to all sentient beings.
Amituofo. (10 times)

The first line is an addition (to create merits on the behalf of all beings, which would include those lacking merits, who are not be able to make offerings). The rest is traditional. The reciting of Amituofo’s (Amitabha Buddha) name ten times is as part of Pure Land practice, to take the opportunity to practise mindfulness of Buddha sincerely, at least briefly.

Food is usually offered in this way at most before both breakfast and lunch times, though the Buddhas and ancient monastic Sangha members take only a near-noon meal daily, without breakfast or dinner. However, if one thinks in terms of ALL Buddhas and ALL Sangha members of ALL world-systems of ALL time zones, the verse can be used at any time for offering food and drink – even beyond the three conventional daily mealtimes.

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