Will I Create Negative Karma By Not Being A Guarantor To Help?

Question: Will I create negative karma by not being a relative’s guarantor for buying a house? As he has a high rolling credit card debt, I am worried that the loan might not be serviceable.

Answer: You will need to consider carefully if being a guarantor will help or harm him. You can ask him to show you a plan with properly documented figures, on how he is confident in servicing the loan. This will also help him to have a reality check, to realise if he is spending and borrowing within healthy means. If he cannot convince himself this way, he will not be able to convince you successfully.

If the plan is somewhat shaky, you can have a private family meeting with key players, and vote to decide. You do not have to say who is the main decision-maker, to avoid grudge-bearing, if the decision is to not be a guarantor. However, do explain the basis of the decision. The above is how to help with compassion and wisdom, which creates positive instead of negative karma. Not helping (to incur more rolling debt) might be helping too.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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