Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

Question: I am working at an accounting firm, which has a wide clientele across many different industries. One of them is food retailing. The firm does audit and advisory services for companies selling meat. I do not know if I am creating any negative karma by continuing work there. I am not doing the accounting or consulting work, but my work concerns the internal services.

Answer: The more closely linked to the companies that harm sentient beings you are, the more negative karma there will be.

Question: I am torn between leaving my job when my contract ends, or to extend my employment. It is very difficult to find a good job with decent pay. I cannot simply leave my job now as I need the income. If I stay on, I might have good career progression and a long service award. I will have to stay on until I secure another job, which is not easy with rising number of graduates competing for limited jobs.

Answer: If it troubles you so much now, it is best to quit now, and look for Right Livelihood. Settling for less pay might make sense as it is also with less negative karma created, while getting more peace of mind, which is priceless. Career progression might seem good, but it does not mean much if it means spiritual retrogression, the backsliding of conscience.

Getting a long service award might seem good, but is it good to be of service to Wrong Livelihoods for a long time, which also means creating of much negative karma? It might be better to find another job, retraining if needed too. Though there is the option of not quitting first, while trying to do good to create positive karma to get a better job, the irony is that the job now is creating the opposite – negative karma. May we have the courage to cease being part of evil as soon as we can.

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