Why Merits Can Only Be Partially Dedicated?

Question: Why is it that when there is chanting or doing good in the name of another, that the person can only receive one-seventh of the merits, while six-sevenths are received by the chanters or practitioners?

Answer: This is a natural law, as realised and taught by the Buddha in the Ksitigarbha [Bodhisattva] Sutra (地藏经). As other examples, that pregnancy takes 9 months, and that the speed of light is constant are also laws of nature.

It is also perfectly natural and sensible that the ones putting in efforts to create the merits surely receive the most merits. What you can do to benefit others more is do more good in their names, for dedication. In a sense, the beneficiary also has merits to deserve others’ creating of merits on his or her behalf.

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