Should Buddhists Play Matchmakers?

Question: Is it alright to matchmake good friends who are good in character?

Answer: It does not accord with a Bodhisattva Precept in the Brahma Net Sutra to do matchmaking – as it facilitates the perpetuation of Samsara by encouraging attachment. You should encourage them to learn the Dharma instead. Whether they become attached or not will not be of your doing, while they might become spiritual friends!

We should want to unite people in the Dharma, as spiritual friends who help one another to be liberated from Samsara; not to unite people in Samsara, as worldly partners who ‘help’ one another to stay trapped in Samsara indefinitely. Without the Dharma, attached or not, one will stay trapped.

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  • 《佛说梵网经》菩萨戒律讲录:第三十‧经理白衣戒:

    ‘若佛子。。。经理白衣。为白衣通致男女。交会淫色。。。犯轻垢罪。’ – 【释迦牟尼佛】



    – 慧僧法师解

    The article is in accordance to this Bodhisattva precept as taught by Sakyamuni Buddha in the Brahma Net Sutra.

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