Can Precepts Really Be Broken Virtually?

Question: Does killing someone and stealing something in a computer game create any negative karma?

Answer: The answer is not so straightforward. Despite the virtual nature of these deeds, it is to the extent that there is intention to actually kill, steal, and break precepts in other ways, even if not physically done, that creates karma accordingly. Based on one same matter, having intentional physical action creates the strongest karma, followed by having intentional speech (communication) about it, and having mere intentional thought about it. Of course, it is worse if actual persons are harmed.

As another example, if someone had sexual misconduct in a game, if there was intention to create misconduct through the game, what more with unrepentant and gleeful enjoyment, it is to the extent of such actualised intention, even if virtual, that creates karma accordingly. In this way, the virtual might not be so unreal after all. This is why we should always mindfully guard our body, speech and mind, when doing anything – virtual or real.

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Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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