See Yourself As Lowest Of The Low

Once proud of your practice,
you have nothing to be proud of;
only your egotism to be ashamed of.

– Stonepeace | Books

Do not turn gods into demons. When displeased, the worldly gods cause harm. The gods are supposed to beneficial in general; so if they cause harm, they then become demons. Similarly, mind training is supposed to subdue self-grasping. Avoid, therefore, becoming inflated by its practice and generating conceited thoughts such as, ‘I am an excellent practitioner of mind training; others lack this spiritual practice.’

Avoid ridiculing and insulting others out of a sense of superiority. If you strengthen your grasping at the self-existence of phenomena, your practice becomes an endeavor of the enemy [ego]. It becomes the act of allowing a thief to escape into the forest while tracking his footprints on a rocky mountain. Avoid all such conduct, and by defaming self-grasping, ensure that the medicine is applied right where the illness is. Comport yourself as the lowest of the low among the servants of all sentient beings.

Essential Mind Training
Sé Chilbu Chökyi Gyaltsen

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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