How To Relate To Fengshui & Bazi?

Question: How should we relate fengshui (Chinese geomancy)? Eg. ideas like how the bed should not face the toilet door?

Answer Some fengshui principles are just common sense. Eg. Of course the bed should avoid facing a toilet, as there will be dampness that can affect general health and sleep quality. Any ‘mystical’ advice that cannot be explained in such ways while insisted to be followed blindly might however be mumbo-jumbo, given to scare you and make you part from money in your wallet. Fengshui ‘masters’ will tend to not reveal the rationale of their advice clearly though. This is more on how Buddhists look at fengshui: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/?s=fengshui

Question: What about bazi fortune-telling? Why are some able to predict lives?

Answer: There is no need to bother about bazi. Why? The predictors cannot even predict what THEY themselves are going to eat for lunch a week later! Bazi has a calculation system, needing no special power at all. Note that all fortune-telling systems are NOT scientifically proven, and their predictions WILL always fail when our karma change with our active efforts. Here is a case of ‘reversal of karmic fortune’: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2009/10/the-old-young-monks-who-killed-saved-ants Do take charge of your life with active Dharma learning and practice, and you will see no temptation to be manipulated by soothsayers. The Buddha discouraged soothsaying, what more to seek soothsayers’ advice, who tend to play mind games with the highly suggestible.

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