Do We Experience Pure Coincidences?

Question: Are my similar experiences purely coincidental, or all due to X?

Answer: In this universe of cause and effect, there are never any ‘pure coincidences’, as in totally random or chance events experienced. While what happens in our lives are interconnected to some degree in a weblike manner, not every two things are closely related in a linear manner, such that A is a direct cause of Z, as B should be the closer and more definite effect. If there is lack of clear physically and karmically logical cause and effect between your experiences and X, they could be like A and Z, instead of A and B.

For example, if a child goes to school, but has an accident when crossing the road to get there, we do not say that he had the accident exactly and only because he went to school. The accident is a karmic result of another set of negative karma, that has nothing to do with the positive karma created from wanting to go to school, to learn to be a better person. Going to school merely was a condition that allowed the accident to occur; it was not its cause. We should never confuse mere correlation with actual causality.

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